Geek Girl Con ’15


A Day (Or Two) in Seattle, Geek Girl Con 2015


Hi guys! I haven’t posted in a while (because life happens). Well, today I plan to change that by blogging about one of the most enjoyable conventions I’ve been to, Geek Girl Con!

For those of you guys that don’t know what Geek Girl Con is, it’s like Comic-Con, but with more topics like theatre, anime, books, video games, and the celebration (as the name implies) of the female geek. Don’t worry, gentlemen, it’s also open to men, but the convention focuses more on girl power, and women’s rights in the geek world. All in all, it’s an event jam-packed with fangirls and fanboys alike, all gathering to share their experiences and passions with each other.

Being a book, anime, and video game enthusiast, Geek Girl Con was filled with a lot of activities to feed my fangirl-level expectations. I decided to make a list for you guys so you know what to expect if you do decide to go to this convention next year.

Here are some events and places I was able to go to (since I wasn’t able to go to every event, unfortunately):

  1. GeekGirl-Connections

These exhibits are filled with activities and organizations for you to discover and enjoy. It’s right next to the ticket booth, which made it my first stop during the convention. Organizations set up booths to introduce you to their cause and their very well made products (there was a squirrel basketball shooting machine at one of the exhibits). These are one of the places where you can meet new innovators and leaders. It’s a great place to expand your horizons, and maybe meet a Dalek or two.

2. The Artist Alley


My beautiful bookmark from Artist Alley

To fellow stick-figure artists like myself: this is a place where artists from local areas show off their work, and sell them. We’re there to get our hands on those shiny new pieces of art and admire them. For my more artistically-inclined audience, you can participate in this enjoyable mini-art fair. Artists here have subjects that range from comics to LOTR. If you want to add a new edgy art piece to your home (or in my case, a pretty bookmark for my books), this place is a must-go for you.

3. The Exhibitors Hall (AKA where geeks are overloaded with fandom merch)

For those geeks who feel the need to replenish their fandom merch supply, or to discover more things to fangirl/boy over, this is the perfect place for you. Yes, things may seem overwhelming in this hall because of the big crowd, the dazzling shops, and the astounding amount of cosplayers in this area (I saw No-Face!), but let me tell you, it’s worth it. Shops vary from arts and crafts booths where artists display their crafts and artwork for us to ooh and aah over (and maybe even buy) to fandom-catering booths that sell merchandise from your favorite TV show to your favorite comic or book. Warning: I would suggest going there after watching panels, because just observing all the shops will take up a lot of your time.

4. Panels

Mahou Shojo Logo

I loved the panels in the convention. The atmosphere in these panels were relaxed and welcoming, and everyone understood each other (there were some heated arguments about comics, but that’s normal). Another quick warning: parents, some panels’ topics might be a little inappropriate for your kids, so make sure to check the topics before you go to the panel itself.

Here are the panels that I attended (and thoroughly enjoyed):

  • Youtube vs. Real World – Speakers: Zach Peacock, Mallory Shoemaker, Kristina Horner, Joe Homes, Cupecake
  • The Sparkling World of Shoujo Manga – Speakers: Leah Zoller, Kathryn Hemmann
  • Beyond Fanfiction Live: Fandom in Performing Arts – Speakers: Stevi Costa, Sin de la Rosa, Rachel Jackson, Jeannine Clarke, Fairlith Harvey, Elicia Sanchez 
  • How to Write a Good Review (and Why it’s important)
  • Women, Diversity and Comics: A Non-Compliant Discussion        About the Comic Book Industry – Speakers: G. Willow Wilson, Heather Harris McFarlane, Sabrina Taylor

There are many more panels that I wanted to see, but wasn’t able to go to, but these five panels were truly enjoyable and informational. Not to mention, for those comic book-lovers out there, Ms. Marvel’s author and artist, G. Willow Wilson, was one of the panelists for Women, Diversity and Comics. May we please have a moment of thanks for letting Ms. Wilson grace us with her presence at GGC from all the way from New York.

And…that concludes my GeekGirl-Con ’15 experience! Hopefully next year, I’ll be able to attend and see one of you guys over there!

– Ravenna