Girls Can’t Be Knights


Title: Girls Can’t Be Knights

Author: Lee French

Type: Adventure, Fantasy, Action

Rating: 3 Stars


I really wanted to like this book. I really did. I just tried…but I couldn’t! So much frustration…

Let me explain. When I read the blurb of the book, I was like, “wow! Looks like this book will be going to my favorite bookshelf!”. But no. This book had so much potential, and I was left disappointed. If you liked this book, then I respect your opinion. There are some good points in the book, which is why I gave it three stars, but to give it a full five stars? I’m sorry, to be honest, I can’t do that. Okay, time for my detailed explanations.

First of all, the characters. When I start reviews, I usually start with the main character and my opinion about them, but the main character just blended in with the rest of the characters that I didn’t know who I should focus on! So, the protagonist, I think, is Claire, a girl who lost her family. She’s coping with her grief, and combined with bullying at school, she is obviously not liking her life. Claire was actually a cool character, only there was nothing amazing about her. She had a personality, like characters should, her opinions, like characters should, she contributed something to the story, which characters SHOULD, but nothing really happened. She just realized what her parents wanted for her when they died and became a Knight. The end. There was one problem I had with Claire, however, and that was her beginning lust for Justin. Ummm…lusting over a guy who is married to a perfectly nice woman who also cares for you is not cool. Did I also mention Justin has kids? I understand that yes, there are hot guys out there that we do appreciate, but thinking about a married man is not a good thing to do.

That brings us to Justin, the rescuer of Claire from her horrible life. He has a wife and kids, and is a perfect family guy. He’s also pretty rude to Claire (inside his mind) because he complains about Claire’s attitude (I think her reaction to things are fine), wishing that his daughters do not end up like Claire. Wow. He’s also quite dense, like not being able to create a plan even he was a grown up when trouble struck, and doing REALLY stupid things in front of Claire, like when he cut off a kitten’s head in front of her (the cat was possessed, but still). I didn’t totally hate Justin because he was so nice to his kids and loves them, which I found adorable.

The antagonists weren’t really how I thought they were going to be. Sure, they did some ‘evil’ stuff, but nothing that characterizes them as truly ‘evil’. Their goals were pretty basic, like get power or dominate the whole world. Yay. I did find it interesting that one of the villains had a son who bullied Claire in school, and that connection surprised me a bit ;).

And now for the story. This is what I was frustrated about. I thought this book would focus on how the main character struggles to find herself in a male-dominated position, and how she’ll through some trials and crazy adventures while she’s trying to achieve this. I also expected the fantasy part, with the phasms and Knights, which made me pretty excited. However, I read about a main character (Claire) agreeing to go with a guy who she doesn’t know about just right off the bat, and finding out about Knights, her locket, and her parents. It was just…ugh. The first few chapters also just talks about Claire’s discovery about Knights and it goes on and on and on…then after a few chapters, we finally get to the action, which was nonexistent. There was a harebrained plan to break someone out, some kidnapping, and phasms chasing after the characters, but that was it! Nothing else. Even the kidnapping wasn’t exciting. Sigh. The ending felt to rushed, and the girls can’t be knights part just appeared just there (maybe just a tiny, tiny bit in the beginning) and that was all.

My final verdict? I would maybe consider recommending this book to my friends, but I can see more room for improvement in the future for the author. This book had so much potential that it only had to expand more to make it a great book :(, which makes my rating a three stars over five.

*I received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*


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