State of Grace


Title: State of Grace

Author: Hilary Badger

Type: Suspense, Romance, Utopian

Rating: 5 stars

The trees are laden with fruit and the water in the lagoon is as clear as crystal. Wren’s world is a utopia. If only she could stop the strange visions she’s started having: flashes of another world, where there are people she doesn’t know, couldn’t possibly know, but who somehow feel familiar. What does Blaze, the most beautiful and mysterious of creations, know about what’s going on in Wren’s head? When she uncovers the lies that are propping up everything she has ever believed in, Wren must choose: remain in blissful ignorance or face the ugly truth?

State of Grace blew me away. Everything, from the characters to the concept, amazed me. Typically, I don’t give away five star ratings, but this one is an exception.

First of all, the characters. The main character, Wren, is a perfectly happy girl who lives in a world that is perfect. You can be with whoever you want, the environment is completely perfect, and everyone is happy. She, along with her friends, worship Dot, a god-like entity. Dot supposedly created the world, and made this world like this because she loves everyone. From the first chapter, I was immediately hooked by this ‘dotly’ world of Wren, because hers was an utopian world instead of a dystopian one. When I kept on reading this book, I was immediately pleased with the fast pacing of the story. No slow and distracting events happened in the book, which led to a clearer understanding for me.

The concept, as I said before, was a utopian world where everyone was happy. Therefore, it completely surprised me how this perfect world was actually just an effect of a drug that volunteers were taking. The plot twists kept on coming, keeping me at the edge of my seat while I was reading. I finished this book in one sitting because of this.

I also loved the characters. Wren, although she made some bad decisions, truly loved the god she was made to believe in. Sooner or later, however, she finally accepts the truth and fights against the drug-testing. I like this admirable trait of Wren’s, since she chose to live in the real world than a world where everything was perfect, though artificially made. Blaze was also a great character. I loved how level-headed he was, and how loyal he was to Wren despite her bad decisions.

My final verdict: I would definitely recommend this book to others, and that this book deserves a full five stars.


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